This P.G.A. Champion Lost the Wanamaker Trophy. Oops.

It’s nearly impossible to talk about the P.G.A. Championship‘s Wanamaker Trophy without mentioning how the five-time champion Walter Hagen lost it in Chicago after winning the event in 1925. As the story goes, while out in Chicago celebrating the win, Hagen gave his taxi driver $5 and asked him to take the cumbersome trophy to his hotel. It not only never arrived, but Hagen never admitted the loss to the P.G.A. until he lost the championship in 1928 and had to turn the trophy over to the winner.

Michael Spies Has Become Sailing’s Guru of Speed

Before Sunday’s race, Michael Spies of Australia had sailed the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 43 times. In 1999, he won after breaking the race record by half a day. In 2003, Spies won again. He also has helped fellow sailors find the right boats and refit them into superior racing yachts. His latest effort is the Maritimo, a 54-foot racing yacht he found in the United States for Bill Barry-Cotter, a former motorboat racing champion who also races sailboats.

A Sailing Season Full of Drama

When Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, and the five-time America’s Cup winner Russell Coutts started SailGP in 2018, they wanted to bring the excitement of Formula 1 to sailing. So far this year, the series has had crashes, Black Flags and broken bones. “You’ve got the best sailors in the world on these boats, and they’re not easy boats to sail,” said Phil Robertson, the driver for Spain’s team. “It’s very high tech — more of a machine than a yacht. But it’s one of the coolest things to happen to yacht racing.”
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